Workshop: How to use psychology to shape your customers’ Behavior.

With Dr. Liraz Margalit

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4 min readDec 9, 2019
Dr. Liraz Margalit

We like to think of ourselves as rational creatures. However, 80% of our day-to-day decisions are done so unconsciously.

You have no idea about how much our emotions, cognitive biases and environmental cues impact on these thousands of small decisions we make, every minute of every day.

The common belief about product design is that you need to provide your users the freedom to make decision but the opposite is true — you need to design their decision path to fit with your goals. — Dr. Liraz Margalit

We are told by our own industry that the customer is in control. We know that “digital” has given them greater freedom of choice. They can transact and interact in the way they see fit, so we must put the power back in their hands.

But the reality is, in the digital age, our brains just aren’t equipped to cope. The explosion of websites, products, services, apps and channels makes for too many decisions.

UX Salon has developed a workshop with Dr. Liraz Margalit to answer, how can we use Behavior Design to our advantage as we craft digital experiences? How can we ease our customers’ decision making through digital properties? Can we do this at the same time as creating better outcomes for our business?

Behavior Design workshops
If you’re interested in understanding and shaping how your users behave, our Behavioral Design workshop is a fast and impactful way to help your team start hacking user behavior and earn how to use behavioral science in ways that maximize the benefit for both the user and the business.

Behavioral Design gives a toolbox of practical design patterns you can implement immediately. Need users to open your app more? There’s techniques for that. Need them to understand something complex, quickly? Need to increase or decrease how frequently they do something? Behavioral Design has the answers.

Now more than ever, it’s critical for product organizations to know the science underneath human behavior, how to apply it, and how to respect users’ dignity. In a competitive and crowded digital space, Behavioral Design is crucial for both user and company success, but only though education and communication can we ensure that these techniques are used appropriately

Dr. Liraz Margalit is a Digital Psychologist who have worked with the world’s leading brands and help them in designing their user’s behavior and decisions. Based on her rich experience, she has developed a practical framework for behavioral design. The framework gives product managers,
designers, and marketers a new way for thinking of the necessary components of changing user behavior.

Participants will learn:
Design products, apps and websites that match how people think and behave find, understand, evaluate and apply psychology theory to digital product design Make better, informed design decisions and advocate to the wider team using psychology theory Deep understanding of the psychology behind what drives user behavior and how to build products to cater to core human needs.

Who should attend:
This workshop is for anyone seeking to deeply understand the motivations and biases behind users’ behavior and decision making processes. The workshop is tailored to product managers, entrepreneurs, or designers working in companies large or small. Although no previous background is required, attendees are encouraged to come to the workshop with a product or business idea in mind.

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