Introducing UX Salon WORDS 2020

A conference for writers in tech. November 3–4, 2020 Tel-Aviv

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Have you ever thought about the fact that you can change your world by changing your words? Your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another. They are more powerful than we realize, they are the building blocks of labels, concepts, and beliefs.

As digital creators, words are also the building blocks of our profession; the building blocks of digital design. This is why we created UX Salon WORDS 2020, a conference for writers in tech where we look deeply upon the words we use and how they affect the products that we design.

Introducing UX Salon WORDS 2020 — Tel Aviv, a conference for writers in tech.

Product copy is a huge challenge that many companies and digital products are struggling these days. How can we create a consistent voice and tone? How might we improve the communication of our product? What would be the title of all of the people involved?

Are only a few questions that we’ve being asked on a daily basis.

So, we’ve decided to create an event for the UX industry and bring the best minds of the UX writing and content design industry in one place

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On this 2 days event (November 3–4, 2020 Tel-Aviv), you’ll experience talks and workshops by UX industry leaders.

If you’re interested in enhancing your skills of UX writing and content design UX Salon WORDS 2020 is an event you don’t want to miss.

Who should come

We don’t care about your title. It could be UX Writer, content designer, content strategist, product designer or product manager. At the end of the day, if you’re eager to learn from the best minds how to craft your own product’s copy, UX Salon WORDS is the right event for you.

Why we’re doing it

After creating a Hub where UX writers can finally call home, we’ve decided to create our own conference where like-minded UX and content people could inspire each other and share ideas.

Details, details

UX Salon WORDS 2020 is going to be in Tel Aviv at the MUSA Eretz Israel Museum.

November 3, 2020
Conference Day, 8 inspiring talks by leading Industry professionals

November 4, 2020
Workshop Day, 3 Hands-On workshops for you to choose from

*Bonus November 5, 2020 — Jerusalem Tour Guide
Special bonus if you're coming from abroad. We will organize a special day-tour to Jerusalem for our conference guests with pickup from Tel Aviv.

For the full agenda visit the conference website:

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Avi Itzkovitch, Founder of UX Salon, Since 2014 is dedicated to promote the profession of User Experience and Digital Product Design through inspiring monthly Meetups, professional events and workshops.

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Workshop Day

‘Words are all we have’: Samuel Beckett



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