Parking at Airport City

Heichal Hatarbut Hevel Modiin Event

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2 min readJan 29, 2019

Parking at The Venue — Free Parking

Heichal Hatarbut Hevel Modiin (Hevel Modiin Cultural Hall)
Gilboa St 4 — Kiryat Teufa (Airport City)

First come 1st serve basis. Only 100 spots available, come early.

Other Parking Options

Air Caffe Parking

Look for: Air Caffe - Airport City
Google Maps

Airport City Parking — First 2 hours free

Shopping Center in front of the Avenue Conference Center
Google Map

Rear and front entrance in front of Avenue Conference Center

Restaurant Boulevard Parking

Look for: Pizza Porto
Golan St 2 -Kiryat Teufa (Airport City)
Google Maps

Ad Haezem Parking (עד העצם)

Look for: Unitronics
Google Maps




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