One step further into understanding our user’s minds

Thoughts on Liraz Margalit’s Behavioral Science workshop by Ira Martinenko, Product Designer at Payoneer

I would like to share with you my experience on Liraz Margalit’s Behavioral science workshop. I was stoked to take part in this event, but being a Product Designer at a fintech company that specializes in B2B payments, I wondered whether there will be any take-aways I could actually apply in my day to day work.

Let’s just say that by the end of the day, I was pleasantly surprised. :)


Part 1: The user

We learned how to better understand our users’ motivation through our own experiences as users of different products. The exercises were simple and efficient, yet most of us rarely take time to perform them. During our teams’ discussions, it was clear that emotions can be triggered through all types of products, even payment platforms.

Part 2: The product

In this part of the workshop we explored different types of triggers and rewards, and their ability to boost motivation when done correctly. I must say that during this segment most of us were actively participating or busy taking notes.

Part 3: Mind the gap

That’s me.

Final thoughts on the workshop:

Learning UX should be fun! Follow us for UX inspiration and updates from our events.

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