Experience is Everywhere.

Designing beyond the screen at UX Salon 2019

Whether you’re a designer, developer, or a product manager- we all seem to share the same perception of how the user experience starts and where it ends- on a screen.

However, user experience can be found all around us, it extends to every place we interact with or obtain information from. Experience is everywhere.

This year UX Salon main focus is Designing for Perception, the Senses and our Modes of Understanding. Beyond the tools and techniques, beyond the screen, our aim is to open wider the discussion on digital design to help design professionals become better at what they do.

To celebrate this we created a 60 seconds video that took us 3 months to shoot (across three continents), edit and produce. Please check it out on YouTube and let us know what you think :)

UX Salon 2019 — March 10–11, 2019 / Tel Aviv


Learning UX should be fun! Follow us for UX inspiration and updates from our events.

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